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What is Vegan Fashion?

What is Vegan Fashion?

After 3 years of contemplating, research, doubt, insecurity and hard work at last there it is: Dreamision!
Our Dream and Our Vision.
An online webshop where all fashion does NOT contain any leather, fur, silk, and wool and of other animal products as little as possible.

The origin of Dreamision.

Why vegetarian/vegan? And what is the actual difference?

Four years ago I lived in IBIZA. Someone told me that a piece of land in the campo was rented out for a slaughter festival. Goats were hung on a tree, their throats were cut and then wait until they bled out. I thought this practice so cruel and was astonished that this was possible. Through this event I started to think about how slaughterhouses work. I used to eat a good steak or chicken and other meat products. And I could not imagine myself being vegetarian of vegan. To be honest, I thought it all a bit strange and exaggerated.

I started to research, because I have always been an animal lover. Dog, cats, I like all animals. And I did not want the animals I ate, to suffer because I like to eat meat. As soon as you start to Google how animals are slaughtered, you see things that really make you, a human being, animal lover or not, literally sick. The way these animals (chicken, cow ,pig,rabbit etc.) are kept, raised and fed is simply inhuman. Certainly in comparison with how we are used to treat our pets. At that time I thought: I will only eat biological meat. However, after further research I found that, although the animals had a better life, the slaughter is practically the same. It is heartbreakingly sad to see the animals terrified and in agony, falling down to die in their own blood. I found it disgusting and decided to become a vegetarian right away!

OK, now I was a vegetarian, but what is the difference with being a vegan?
I wanted to know, because what is wrong with an egg or with milk? Animals do not die from this, do they? A chicken lays an egg and a cow gives milk? The chicken and chicken products sector is dramatic. I will not go into this any further, but it is shocking. And a cow only gives milk, when she has had a calf. A cow must have been pregnant first. After a life of having calved, calves that are taken away to be slaughtered or to be raised to dairy cows, and having been milked dry, these ladies go to the slaughter themselves.

Why Dreamision?
During my research into vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, I also found out about leather, wool, down, silk and so on. Leather often comes from cows, calves and other animals, but if leather comes from for instance China, something which often is the case, also in Holland, it can come from dog or cats. Also wool is not obtained in a animal friendly way. The poor sheep are often maltreated and suffer greatly. Silk comes from caterpillars, that are thrown alive in boiling water of hot ovens. For down, gees are plucked alive for about 5 times during their lives.

I went searching for alternatives for fashion items and accessories, in ordinary shops and on the Internet. In ordinary shops you don’t find much, almost every shoe has leather even when they are very cheap. On the Net nice items can be found, but often very expensive. This is the case because these products are often Fairtrade. For me, these products are not possible to be included yet, as the prices are not within our budget.

For these reasons, I wanted to start a web shop that does NOT sell fashion items and accessories for woman that contain animal products. Now we visit wholesalers and fairs to find trendy fashion that is affordable and accessible for everybody! Of course we would love to sell Fairtrade, but that is very expensive and we like to be affordable. We will do our very best to be as accessible as possible.

Because we want to establish our own brand “Dreamision”, have our own items made, and because we want to offer a good alternative, we have set up this Web shop with animal friendly fashion and accessories where no leather, silk, wool, down etc. has been used, all the products offered on our Website are certainly vegetarian. Sometimes we are not able to research the background of the glue or ink, and that’s why we indicate for every item V (vegetarian) of VG (vegan).

We hope you’ll find fun, nice and trendy fashion and accessories on our website and wish you a lot of shopping fun.
If you have tips of remark/questions for our website, send us an email!

With love for animals♥

Denise Anna, Dreamision.


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